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Published in December 2008, this book is available on Amazon for £8.99 which is about US$18. Alternatively you can buy it through our secure server for £10 including first class postage to any UK address or £12 including airmail postage to any address outside of the UK. Books bought through our server are signed by the author and a particular dedication can be provided at no extra cost if required.

The book includes the drawings of Scottish historic events by Jagdeep Lall. This example showsRaising the standard at Glenfinnan the clans raising Bonnie Prince Charlie's standard at Glenfinnan from a location which overlooks the much later construction of the viaduct used in the Harry Potter films.

The book takes you from the very earliest arrival of humans in Scotland after the last ice age right up to the new Scottish parliament and modern aspirations for independence.

If you have always wanted to understand Scotland's history and all its complex structure then this 90 page work is absolutely ideal.

Front Cover of Scotland History BookRear Cover of Scotland History and Heritage Book

Tony began researching Scotland's history in the nineteen-eighties and then staged Scotland's largest private exhibition "The Story of Scotland" at Fort Augustus Abbey in the mid-nineties.

While guiding private tours in the late nineties and naughties Tony refined his story telling and decided to put a lot of his most violent and bloody stories into this book.

To buy the book through our secure server click on this the Inverness Tours booking page and scroll to the bottom. where you will find the cash sales section. Select the book and then continue as if you were booking a tour although some of the tour details requested will obviously be left blank.

Books are posted within three days of the order being processed. UK first class is usually a 24 hour service. Overseas airmail can take anything between two days and two weeks depending on the destination. The delays are owing to the postal service in the receiving country so are beyond our control.

Enjoy the book.

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