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My view of how the visual media add vibrancy to our lives and drive us to distraction!

The Archers – Enough Is Enough

ArchersI have followed the Archers on Radio 4 since the mid 1980s, the last twenty years or so through the weekly podcast. It is the only ‘soap’ I have followed since I gave up on Coronation Street when it started increasing the number of episodes each week many, many years ago.

Soaps are supposed to be enjoyable entertainment, combining drama with a fun insight into the lives of people you don’t really know. In a sense, watching a soap makes you a voyeur. When the soap starts to take over your leisure time by increasing the number and lengths of episodes it encroaches so much on your real life that it becomes a constrictor on your home and social activities.

Okay, that has been mitigated a little by Sky+ which allows you to record episodes to watch at your leisure, but it is still eating deeper and deeper into your family life. That is why I gave up on TV soaps. They took too much of my spare time.

I continued to enjoy the Archers because it has never varied its six, fifteen minute episodes and they are accumulated to produce a ninety minute weekly omnibus. I tended to listen when I was cooking or in the gym.

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All The World’s Tears

At 6.45am on 26th August, the American people permitted the murder of Alison Parker and Adam Ward.

TV shootingWhile carrying out their work, this TV partnership were gunned down. Adam fell immediately, but Alison did not. She saw this ex-colleague shoot her cameraman and turn the gun upon her. She ran screaming, but could not outpace his bullets which left this attractive 24 year-old girl’s body twitching on the ground as its lifeblood drained away and her brain struggled to accept what was happening to it and never knowing why.

Both left fianc├ęs from the same TV station, one of whom witnessed the event live from the studio and the other had just celebrated their moving in together.

Two lives snuffed out and many more than two people forever traumatised by the action of the ex-colleague who then shot himself.

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You Really Have To Separate The Lies From The Truth

Let’s take them one at a time.


Darling said, on national television today that all of the banks have said that they will move business south.

The truth is that NONE of them are moving jobs to England. They are considering the possibility of having to be registered in England instead of Scotland, but a registered office is nothing more than that, “A place where the business is registered.” RBOS actually said there would be no jobs moving south in an official letter. So was Darling lying? Yes he was and it is very scary and some people will believe the scare stories.

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I have had the feeling all day that the BBC news has been showing more positive news for the No campaign than for the Yes campaign so at 8pm tonight (Tuesday 9th September) I decided to time the amount of time given to each.

First there was 14 seconds of Yes items at 8.01pm

The subject then came up at 8.05pm and ran through to 8.14pm This was the split with Y being yes, N being no and = being neutral. The figures are in seconds.

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Cameron & Darling Think The Scottish People Are Too Stupid & Ignorant To Understand!

David Cameron laughing because he thinks the Scots are stupid and ignorantWatch the news and you will be listening to David Cameron and Better Together talking about the child care plan of the Scottish government. What they are saying shows that they are assuming the Scottish people are either too stupid or too ignorant to understand how it works.

If you don’t understand the child care issue please read this as it will make it extremely clear in simple terms and will also show why Cameron and Darling are being so disingenuous.

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Interesting To Watch A Bully Intimidating Friends Of Friends – Crimea

I, like most others in the world, am watching the Crimea situation with interest, but people of my age remember Crimea being part of Russia when we were kids and Kruschev gave it away – without asking anyone, but only from one part of the Soviet Union to another. He would have had no concept of the break up of the USSR which would follow twenty years later.

There was also an agreement in place for Russia to use the Crimea for military purposes.

Suddenly Ukraine ends up in turmoil through corrupt and incompetent leaders and Russia became afraid of losing its bases owing to the Ukraine’s increasingly western leanings. Continue reading

Strictly maddening

I suppose I am in a minority of one in finding the whole X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing scene a total bore. This twenty-first century “Opportunity Knocks” seems to have captivated the entire country.

However, when it starts appearing on national news bulletins as if it is real news, someone needs to speak out for sanity.

On 17th I was quite contentedly watching Sky News’ endless repeating of the same stories until suddenly there was something new. They mentioned that last night was the final of Strictly Come Dancing.

That’s fine, I thought, perhaps then we’ll get some peace and looked up to see a couple of individuals in star sprangled outfits cavorting across the dance floor.

Nothing wrong with that, a quick mention of a popular reality TV show, but then it started to tell us more about the competitors and after what seemed like five minutes of this drivel I turned over to BBC News 24 for more sensible output.

Barely had I settled into that half-waking awareness which occurs when you are trying to learn php while listening to some background telly, when, damn it all, BBC start going on about Strictly Come Dancing.

I was so annoyed that I missed closing a quotation and failed the test on php lesson six!

This is ridiculous when more coverage is given to a reality TV programme than to all the omitted news stories of the day. What about what was going on in Zimbabwe, how pirates are enjoying 3D plasma TVs in Somali, analysis of what we can learn from Brazil’s economic success?

No, none of that even appeared on either news channel, but we heard all about Strictly Come Dancing and its ratings war with X-Factor. Good grief, they even pushed the Pandas into a reduced slot, but then that was just Scottish news!

I suppose now, if I dare to switch on the telly, I’ll be bombarded with the winning moves of a couple of nonentity celebrities, I’ve never heard of, skipping around the ballroom with lovable Forsyth making an exhibition of himself in the background. Think I’ll look out of the window instead. Far more interesting watching the snow drip to the ground from the old birch tree.Looking out of the window at Loch Ness