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The End Is Nigh!

If there are still NO supporters who don’t believe the lies and deceit Westminster is pumping out about Scottish independence then I hope they will read this item. I appeal to them to do so before they cast their vote in the wrong direction on Thursday.

Scotland has been cheated for the last forty years and a vote for NO means we will continue to be cheated for the next fifty years.

Think about it. Beware of rhetoric. Read, read, read all you can on the subject. Not the threats of what Independence will destroy, but the awful risks we are taking by continuing to trust the union. Don’t be fooled by Cameron’s crocodile tears. He is in fear of his job as the prime minister who lost the Scottish cash cow! A black gold Aberdeen Angus!

Here it is.

You Really Have To Separate The Lies From The Truth

Let’s take them one at a time.


Darling said, on national television today that all of the banks have said that they will move business south.

The truth is that NONE of them are moving jobs to England. They are considering the possibility of having to be registered in England instead of Scotland, but a registered office is nothing more than that, “A place where the business is registered.” RBOS actually said there would be no jobs moving south in an official letter. So was Darling lying? Yes he was and it is very scary and some people will believe the scare stories.

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Project Fear

I felt I had to add Simon Jenkins of the Guardian’s statement here as it explains a lot and comes from the English perspective:

How would I vote? As a British citizen residing in London … . I would be shocked at how England’s rulers have incurred the loathing and distrust first of most of Ireland and then of half of Scotland. This incompetence reached its climax in the no campaign itself, the jeering, patronising, money-obsessed “project fear” designed to warn the Scots to stay close to nurse. The assumption that independence is all about cash is bad enough. Worse have been the expatriate celebrity endorsements – why have they all left home? – and scares that Scotland will lose its monarch, its missiles, its brains and the BBC, getting only poverty and terrorists in return.

What an interesting view from someone south of the border and it sums up all of the annoying threats from the No campaign. I do hope the undecided come to their senses and vote Yes on the 18th.

Scottish Residents Need To Wake Up

The political situation in the UK is deeply worrying.

Currently the backlash against the Liberal Democrats for getting into bed with the Conservatives seems to have damaged them beyond immediate repair. At the next UK general election, not only will they not be able to seize power themselves, but the number of members of parliament they are likely to return means that there is little chance of them retaining the balance of power. The coalition will end. Continue reading

Archers – don’t read if you are not up to at least 1st July

I have followed The Archers since the late eighties and it is the only “soap” I follow.

However, I am really unhappy about the new storyline involving David & Ruth Archer and their family.

David is the main witness to an assault on his cousin and the gang involved are intimidating him to not give evidence. So far they have mutilated their lifestock, obtained the children’s mobile numbers and threatened them, shot out security lights, cause a stampede on an open farm day, opened gates allowing lifestock out, interfered with farm equipment and so it goes on.

While such things might be normal goings-on in Albert Square, this is NOT Ambridge. The storyline is unreal.

I have no problem with the original assault on Adam, but the intimidation is ridiculous.

Threats to witnesses happen to fewer than 1% of people and, even then, are firmly dealt with by the police and usually defused once and for all. Systems are also put in place by police to identify the culprits and further more serious charges brought. See police crime statistics.

This storyline is giving the impression that intimidation actually works and David has been put in the situation where his own mother and wife are pleading with him to cave in to this bullying.

What message does this send out to criminals – who also watch and listen to soaps, incidentally?

I don’t know whether there has been a change in writers for the Archers, but this is all way off normal Archers stories and someone needs to do something about making this particular storyline end quickly and effectively. To think that this nonsense might drag on until the September court case is anathema.

I cannot be the only person who feels like this. BBC take note. You are changing the character of your programme for the worse. There are a multitude of interesting rural and agricultural storylines which could be followed without inventing something so rare and so unrealistic as this.

Dare say the writers will do what they want anyway. Criminals must be getting some great ideas from this particular storyline.