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What is going on?

I’ve been a Sports subscriber since day one. I no longer get any live European matches, we no longer get all the premiership matches and the Match Choice is now in low definition. I do not recall having been offered any sort of discount because of these changes.

Yet another Sky Sports error. Who is getting paid for this stuff?In addition, as can be seen from the image, my recording of Watford v Tottenham is actually of Norwich v Aston Villa as shown by the strips and the score at top left. This is not the first time. The fact it is no longer HD either is infuriating. Does no one at Sky Sports watch their own stuff? Watching football in LD after having watched HD is just not good enough, especially when BT are now offering live premiership football in 4K!

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Levy, Villas-Boas & Rednapp – reflections

They say that time heals, but I sit here some weeks after Rednapp’s sacking and find that I still cannot reconcile Levy’s decision with good football sense.

Levy fired Martin Jol after a poor start to a season, he brought in less competent foreign managers on other occasions and fired one of those after only a few weeks. Tottenham is one of those clubs who seems to thrive on having a consistent management regime. Jol got that going and Rednapp proved it was correct.

I was very critical of Rednapp’s end to the last season when he had not concentrated on improving set-pieces and allowed too much freedom to Gareth Bale who is obviously better suited to be a winger, not an inside-left. Bale might like to think he is the next Ronaldo, but he is not that good in that way. He is brilliant on the left and Gareth Bale should concentrate on being himself, then others will be called the next Gareth Bale!

Rednapp allowed the season to drift away. Third place was lost to our arch rivals, Arsenal, and then our other main rivals, Chelsea, managed to steal our Champions’ League spot at the last second.

That could have infuriated Levy to the point where he made the irrational decision to dismiss Rednapp for a short period of uncharacteristic inconsistency. Short sighted, indeed.

Now we have another foreign manager. What can Villas-Boas do for Tottenham that Rednapp could not?

I have dreadful fears that 2012/3 will see us drop out of the top four or worse and that we will see yet another change in the next off-season to try to correct matters.

Levy, you have made a mistake. I’ll apologise for saying that if you prove me wrong, but know that you will not apologise when results show that I have got it right. That is because owners, these days, are so powerful they answer to no one, not even millions of fans worldwide who support this club.

Hard won 3 points

Spurs always make life difficult for themselves. They managed to hang on to their 1-0 advantage against Sunderland. To be fair, the Sky man who was watching the game said that the score flattered Sunderland and Spurs were far and away the best team. One goal, however, is so dangerous. One mistake or moment of brilliance or stupidity could have cost us two of those three points.

Spurs are now 2 above Chelsea with a game in hand and only five behind ManU.

Now if the arch enemies, Arsenal could put one over on Man City today then we could be just 3 points behind City with a game in hand.

With Chelsea coming to White Hart Lane next week, the opportunities are certainly mounting up. Can Spurs take them?

Is there a Sky Sports campaign against Tottenham Hotspur?

You wouldn’t know it if you were watching Sky TV, but there are more than three premiership matches being played today. We’ve just seen ManU beat QPR and Liverpool are currently beating Aston Villa. They keep telling us that the Man City v Arsenal game will follow, but no mention whatsoever of Spurs v Sunderland.

Is the Premiership’s top London team (2 games in hand compared with Chelsea on the same points) not worth a mention? Why? What is going on?

When you check out the Sky listings on the screen Spurs are not even mentioned and there is no Football First on later this evening.

So, the channel which says we won’t miss a goal in the premiership this year is blanking the entire game. Weird.

Initially I thought it might be shown on ESPN, but no, so I am reduced to a refreshing a gambling site to keep me up to date with any score.

Now Sky Sports are saying, “wait until you see Pav’s and Modric’s misses later” … but where will we see them later?