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Remain or Leave? Things To Consider …

Euro MapI’ve kept out of this argument until now, but I thought I’d better speak out as it looks as if it is possible the Leave supporters might actually win. If you are a Leave supporter, please don’t allow that to stop you reading. Don’t you want an opinion from an pensioner who has worked in various industries, run businesses both successfully and with failures, and now relies on a pension? I hope I’m going to give you a different perspective, why not, at least, give me a hearing.

Firstly I think we all ought to consider what we are about to throw away. The European Union, or whatever you want to call it, is an experiment to try to ensure a good trading environment and the ability for people to move freely through a large area of the world.

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The All-Forgiving Afterlife! The Cause Of So Many Ills.

Whenever I bring up religious belief as a cause of trouble in the world I find believers slap me down with statements that religious communities and congregations do wonderful things. What they say is correct, but atheists also do wonderful things so the point is irrelevant.

I have to ask this question – where was God on the 22nd March? God is supposed to hear everyone’s prayers and take a personal interest in all of us, yet, for some inexplicable reason, he ignored all of the prayers to stop this bloodshed and did not step in with a miracle to prevent the explosions. Let’s face it – stopping a bomb exploding is a pretty simple matter for an all-powerful, all-seeing being capable of creating galaxies and, indeed, the universe. The Islamic terrorists worship the same God, of course. They would say it is a more pure worship. There is no complication of Christ or the Holy Spirit. They believe in the one all-seeing, oft-merciful Allah who is indistinguishable from the God of the Bible. How much does God love his peoplesWas God not looking when they were making the bombs, discussing their strategies and planning their mayhem? How could that be? God sees all. In that case his decision to do nothing must be by choice. What a hateful creature this God must be to cause so much pain, suffering and distress to people he is supposed to love?

Evidence tells anyone with the ability to think logically, that any God which might have created the universe, could not possibly care about us as individuals. The irrational belief that he can be interested in us is born out of our own insecurity and fear of mortality.

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The Decision To Permit Bombing In Syria

I am quite concerned by the fact that the country seems to consider the need to fly across the border from Iraq to Syria is the same as the dreadful mistake made by Blair and Bush to invade Iraq and then Afghanistan.

Blair and Bush have caused untold misery in the middle east and north Africa by their crusade to oust middle-eastern dictatorships and install the alien concept of democracy in its place. Western interference in Muslim countries has turned the middle-east from an area which welcomed visitors to one which no sensible non-Muslim will visit. This, in itself, has damaged their tourist industries, causing yet more blame to be heaped upon western nations and inspiring the religious fanatics of Daesh to grow in strength and influence.

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Religious Nutters

EarthBelieve in God?

Where was he last night and on that flight from Egypt? It is, of course, the irrational belief in an afterlife by these religious fanatics which encouraged them to carry out the atrocities. They believed that they would now be sitting at God’s right hand because of their martyrdom in His name. How many of you also believe that you will one day die and go to heaven and meet your relatives all over again? It is a stupid childish belief, like a security blanket. The trouble is the fanatics are born out of that same belief. The belief in God is the cause of all of this hatred and violence yet people still blindly accept it is all part of the nonentity’s grand plan for his universe. Come on guys, grow up!

Without doubt the ideology we are facing is on a level comparable with the Nazi’s. We have a professional army financed by us all. It should be geared up to deal with this group without mercy. Like everyone who believes in the great nonentity, you cannot reason with them and they continue to rape, murder and enslave children, men and women, throughout the northern middle east. There remains only one alternative if our way of life is going to be upheld. Continue reading

Is Religion Simply The Desire To Conform?

Here’s the original article if you wish to read it first: Religion is like sex – it can seem absurd, but it works | Jonathan Freedland – not necessary, but I’ve provided it anyway.

Good article. The total absence of any creating force which might keep an eye on each of us many billion individuals, is so obvious, anyone who believes it is quite demonstrably deranged as I shall explain.

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Islamic Terrorism? Christian Fundamentalism? The Difference Is Just A Couple of Centuries!

Are you able to put aside your beliefs for fifteen minutes? Sadly those who really should be reading this are so indoctrinated that they will probably not.

Human beings have an enormous capacity for love, generosity and compassion, yet those who feel compelled to incorporate that into an organised sanctimonious and convoluted worship of a God who threatens punishment if they misjudge their application of free will, are increasingly adding credence to those who use that very devotion as the foundation for the development of fanaticism and terrorism. Some use the belief in a higher power to convince themselves they should do good works, but others distort those same beliefs to persuade themselves that the same deity requires them to kill and murder to carry out His mysterious plan. What is tragic is that one group don’t seem to realise that their continued conviction in an invented god reinforces the other group’s certainty that their twisted interpretation is justified. Everyone believes in God so God must be great! It is a simple logic.

As our news channels bombard us with stories of beheading, beach massacres and slaughter in mosques, does no one wonder why these individuals are prepared to give up their lives to create such misery and despair within the lives of others?

Warning: picture of dead body below.

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More Proof Of God’s Non-Existence

Murdered atheist bloggerThis is what happens when religion becomes so important that the life of others no longer matters.

Read this Guardian article.

The non-existence of god and the stupidity of religion is demonstrated by acts such as this.

Can anyone tell me what the great nonentity taught mankind by allowing this, for, if he truly exists, it happened under his all seeing eyes and was therefore preventable? If it wasn’t preventable please explain why not.

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Catholics Recommence Threats Of Violence Against Disbelievers!

After centuries of trying to reconcile their previous persecution of people who do not belief in the nonsense which fills the pages of the bible, the Catholic Church has finally decided that the lack of threats of persecution is causing church attendances to drop off, so, once again anyone who dares to criticise Catholicism finds themselves under threat.

Pope with machine gunToday the Pope threatened the world that if you attack people’s faith you must expect a violent response. He has taken a great opportunity to protect his nonsensical religion by trying to prevent anyone criticising Christianity. Talk about gaining an advantage out of  a tragedy! Astonishing crassness!

This is a true display of the colours of all religions. We know most people will not punch you on the nose if you insult something they hold dear, but some will and some will go even further and that is what the Islamic fanatics did to Charlie Ebdo. Now the Pope is telling us to expect the same from fanatical Catholics and there are millions of them.

What the Pope was saying was that religion is sacrosanct and people like me, trying to enlighten the delusional, should expect to be ignored by most, but receive a load of verbal abuse from some; or a punch on the nose from from a smaller number who cannot control themselves (plenty of them in the church – think paedophiles); or something even worse from the tiny fanatical factions who might mow you down with automatic weapons. Neither Christianity nor Islam allows such violence, but both have small numbers who will not hesitate to blow others to smithereens for criticising their beliefs.  Yes it is only a minority who will resort to violence, but that is all it takes, and it is belief in nonsense which gives them their foundation.

Hopefully, one day the believers in an ‘eyeballs in the sky’ deity will realise their faith was utter foolishness, delusion or a strange belief in the mutterings of ancient “wise” men.

The Pope’s words make the world a much less safe place.

So, who is to blame? We will never know his name, sadly, but we can understand how the foolishness began:

Somewhere, several thousand years ago someone told a child that his dead mother or father had gone to a better place to ease the child’s grief. The practice quickly escalated and soon became a collective belief, all using the same story to comfort others. No harm in that, you might think, but it means all of the religions of today are based on a lie. A lie told for the best of reasons, but a lie none the less. Heaven had been invented, the afterlife was no more than a convenient lie created for comfort. God, who made all the stars go around the world and the sun rise each day became the person who ran heaven and who had to be pleased. A crop fails, sacrifice something; a wonderful harvest occurs, praise him; a disease strikes, we’re being punished; someone survives a bear attack, God protected him. It is all a nonsensical invention which eventually got written down and elaborated upon to create the religious texts. Before you know it, wise men are compartmentalising the afterlife for good and bad and which you enter requires your belief in their created religion. It is such a simple and obvious sequence of events it amazes me that believers can’t see that they have been hoodwinked by later, far more sophisticated, wise men.

Since its invention untold millions have died in the name of religion.

Would it not  have been better to have been honest with the child in the first place and never have created the horrific monster we see in the world today – the belief in deities?

How to have a better afterlife? Are you serious?

Yet again the ridiculous notion of an afterlife causes idiots to kill and maim in the name of their fictitious God.

It is all so stupid and unnecessary that I am lost for words to express my understanding of the belief in such nonsense – ALL such nonsense.

Surely you do not need to be threatened with fires of hell to do good?

The promise of a better afterlife because you commit an atrocity or pray to nonentities is such an extraordinarily inexplicable belief I am amazed that anyone in their right mind can accept it.

Of course the vast majority of believers are good people, but that does not mean that their beliefs are anything other than sheer nonsense and it is their beliefs which these morons distort into the sort of action we saw in Paris yesterday and witch-burning Christians of yesteryear.

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Belief In Nonentity Deities Is the Cause Of All Of This!

The tragedy in Pakistan demonstrates what happens when people believe in mythical gods and think they have an afterlife when this one ends.

It is, of course, pure fantasy. Those kids are dead and gone forever. The idiot Taliban have taken away the most precious commodity in the universe – an individual’s life. They have done it because of their belief in religious nonsense.

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