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Reading Between The Lines Of The First Independence Debate – 5th August 2014

Looking back on this debate after sleeping on it, I am of the opinion that the NO campaign came out on top in the arguments. However, I was, all of the time, expecting Alex Salmond to put in a killer statement. It reminded me of watching Muhammed Ali’s later fights when those who knew his ability from earlier years expected, any moment, for him to lash out a series of unstoppable punches and win the battle. In actual fact he just stayed on the ropes and disappointed the world. It would be sad if the same fate happened to Alex Salmond, but I would not cast doubt on this man’s ability to bounce back until the morning of 19th September 2014.

The Saltire - the national flag of ScotlandWe must remember that this man and his government have done their utmost to protect the Scottish people from the excesses of Westminster cuts, ploughing in money from their allocation to defuse some of the worst of the bedroom tax, boost the spending on care for the elderly, keeping prescriptions free and continuing to make Scotland a good place to do business. If the NO campaign win in the end, the Scots would be foolish to evict Salmond’s efficient and compassionate government. I know many dislike him, hate everything he stands for and would give him a low approval rating, but his government have achieved a huge amount over the past few years.

Why Salmond is in a rut on the currency matter is what really surprises me. He is a very shrewd politician yet he has not taken the obvious route to countering the NO campaign’s currency arguments. Could the answer be below?
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Halifax Bank of Scotland Caught Out In A Deliberate Lie About Legal Requirements!

The lying Halifax Bank of ScotlandThere has been a real step change in the general populace’s view of banks and bankers since the millennium. Prior to that most of us knew who our bank manager was. He was usually a thirty or forty-something with a lot of banking and business experience who would try to keep you or your business upon a sensible path. You could trust them to be consistent and behave responsibly.

Today, you don’t have bank managers, they are relationship managers, graduates in their twenties with absolutely no commercial or business experience. Continue reading

What More Will These Parasitic Banks Do To Hurt Their Customers?

I read an interesting article at the end of January 2014 in the most dreadful rag, the Daily Mail, which you can find here: The audacity of banks never ceases to amaze.

After reading it I thought back to a sum I drew out of the Bank of Scotland in Drumnadrochit. If the bank behaved like a real bank and still had a bureau de change I wouldn’t have had to have drawn it out in sterling first, but they don’t they dropped the bureau de change as it wasn’t profitable enough – sod the customers! Continue reading

Halifax Bank of Scotland Pisses Off Access Saver Customers

The Bank of Scotland just wrote to us and, interestingly the writer was a Mr Chris Money – talk about putting someone into a job that is going to put everyone’s backs up with a name like that! Mr Money at Halifax Bank of Scotland, part of the Lloyds Banking groupI wonder if it is a fictitious name just for cosmetic purposes, but, if so, it could have been better chosen.

We have an Access Saver Account into which we deposit a monthly sum to cover all the cats’ injections and any illnesses etc. We started it a couple of years ago when Tesco suddenly increased the price of all their pet insurances. Paying into our own pet insurance fund meant that everything would be covered. They don’t tell you the most common cost, pet dentistry, is not covered in pet insurance and you always have to pay the first fifty pounds or so and no annual MOT or injections are covered either. Anyway, with five cats we put £20 a month each into this Access Saver Account and it has built up to just over £2,000 so could now cover quite serious problems if they arose.

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