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Good Grief! I’m Being Forced To Support The Tories!

You all know my views on people who voted for Brexit. Think what you did when you buy your fuel this week.

However, now the vote has been made a government I dislike is having to negotiate the terms. Whether I dislike the government is immaterial. Even I can see that they cannot discuss negotiation techniques and parameters publicly. It would be insane to give away your negotiation tactics.

So what does Corbyn do – wants public debates in parliament on how our government is going to negotiate? Words fail me as to what sort of blithering idiot this man is. Sorry, but whatever we think of them, we have to trust the government to negotiate in private. Anything else would be as stupid as voting to leave the EU!


What is going on?

I’ve been a Sports subscriber since day one. I no longer get any live European matches, we no longer get all the premiership matches and the Match Choice is now in low definition. I do not recall having been offered any sort of discount because of these changes.

Yet another Sky Sports error. Who is getting paid for this stuff?In addition, as can be seen from the image, my recording of Watford v Tottenham is actually of Norwich v Aston Villa as shown by the strips and the score at top left. This is not the first time. The fact it is no longer HD either is infuriating. Does no one at Sky Sports watch their own stuff? Watching football in LD after having watched HD is just not good enough, especially when BT are now offering live premiership football in 4K!

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Ched Evans – Should Mob Rule Prevail Against This Horrible Man?

I signed the petition against Ched Evans returning to Sheffield United.

Those organising the petition gave the distinct impression that the victim, although raped in Cardiff, was actually a Sheffield resident. To allow him to remain continually in the public eye in her home town would have been most unfair on this girl.

It now seems that she did not come from Sheffield and the petition was really aimed at stopping this horrible man from continuing his chosen career for life, anywhere in the world.

That is not how the justice system works.

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Espaco Funchal Restaurant in Rua da Carreira – Madeira – brilliant

We had already eaten in this restaurant for lunch on 11th May 2012 and returned on 15th to try it out for an evening meal. Images taken during the lunchtime visit.

The evening was perfect from beginning to end. The host is an amazing guy who is utterly charming. There were some six or seven tables outside, but as more people came along he just added more tables across the street and up the street, too. Couldn’t extend down the street owing to another restaurant in that direction, rather devoid of customers.Wendy at Espaco at lunchtime on 11th

Wendy had Avocado with Madeira wine as a starter which arrived with a wee pool of Madeira in the space vacated by the stone. There was a tiny, beautifully arranged salad on the plate too. My starter was melon with ham which was also good, but did not have quite the visual impact of Wendy’s.

We both decided to go for the traditional Madeiran skewers for main course. Wendy’s was chicken and pineapple and mine mixed meats which included beef, chicken and pork. Firstly a contraption is attached to the side of the table so that these huge skewers can hang from it allowing you to take your meat (or fish if a fish version) as required. Very impressive.

I was a bit concerned about the beef as it seemed a bit tough when cutting into it, but once it was cut it just melted in the mouth. As good as a Highland fillet steak any day. The whole came with salad and French fries.

Tony at Espaco at lunchtime on 11thTo be honest, after the main course I was stuffed, but old hollow-legs opposite me then took on crepe with fruits of the forest and ice cream while I sat and watched drinking a rather nice Lello wine.

We began talking to the couple alongside who had been coming to Madeira since they bought a time-share in the eighties. They’d never eaten in this restaurant before and were much impressed. On the other side was a farmer and his wife from near Nottingham.

So great company, great food, great banter from the host, lovely location. Perfect evening. Will be back before the vacation ends.

Tragic Coach Crash, but what is all this candle lighting?

The coach crash in Switzerland was truly horrific. I feel for all the parents and the families of the coach drivers and teachers. Let’s hope it was some sort of mechanical fault or a heart attack. Such a dreadful event should not end up on the shoulders of the family of an individual.

Everyone is capable of a mistake. It just has much more serious consequences if the error is by a bus driver, pilot, truck driver etc. If a shelf stacker or ticket seller makes a mistake it can just be shrugged off. How many of our bank managers have made mistakes?

However, when I see all the religious purveyors jumping on the bandwagon it really does annoy. These people are thanking God for their kids’ lives. As if any God could have had any hand in such a disaster. If there was a God he had a duty to stop it. I know, I know, “He moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.” This is no less than a sop to grieving families. There was no grand scheme it what happened in that tunnel as there is no grand scheme in the creation of the Earth.

God is the crutch for the insecure. Does anyone seriously believe that those candles achieve anything. What are they for? They are an encouraged activity by bishops and clergy to try to make people feel better.It looks effective. It looks religious. It looks as if it means something.

Perhaps that is enough. Perhaps the crutch is what people want? But while there are so many nutters believing in an all powerful nonentity there will never be peace in this world. Look at the hatred we see all around us at the moment. One religious faction fighting another, whether it be Shia and Suni, Muslim and Christian, Jew and Islam. It is all so much nonsense. It perpetuates hatred and distrust.

I am amazed and a little frightened by the leaders of the western world who claim to believe in God. Perhaps their only excuse is that they view their own incredible power and success as being God’s will. Now isn’t that thought frightening?

Not a very festive looking Christmas Eve

Had to nip out for some milk, bread and mincemeat and also to deliver a card to some new friends we’d forgotten to add to the list. The turning area by the house is a quagmire, it is pouring with rain and the loch is the same colour as the sky, a pale grey. The hills opposite are lost in the rain.

The road to Dhivach was flooded in two locations and full of potholes, the supermarket had run out of mincemeat, but managed to find some in the post office shop while I was picking up the mail.

Wrapping presents this afternoon and Wendy has to stuff and prepare the turkey. Think I’ll make up the fire ready for an open fire tomorrow morning.

Hope you all have a good Christmas. Don’t get up too early tomorrow, remember that Santa now has over 7,000,000,000 people expecting deliveries. Probably keeps the sherry industry in business, not to mention that mincemeat again!

Not a nice day at Loch Ness

Winter fire in the croftThe thaw has begun, but the snow hasn’t been clearing quite as fast as we might have liked.

It is really slushy underneath.

Hoping to get into Inverness tomorrow for some Christmas shopping. Only 5 days left, you know!

At least with all the trees that blew over during the last two years, we have plenty of logs for the fire.

Strictly maddening

I suppose I am in a minority of one in finding the whole X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing scene a total bore. This twenty-first century “Opportunity Knocks” seems to have captivated the entire country.

However, when it starts appearing on national news bulletins as if it is real news, someone needs to speak out for sanity.

On 17th I was quite contentedly watching Sky News’ endless repeating of the same stories until suddenly there was something new. They mentioned that last night was the final of Strictly Come Dancing.

That’s fine, I thought, perhaps then we’ll get some peace and looked up to see a couple of individuals in star sprangled outfits cavorting across the dance floor.

Nothing wrong with that, a quick mention of a popular reality TV show, but then it started to tell us more about the competitors and after what seemed like five minutes of this drivel I turned over to BBC News 24 for more sensible output.

Barely had I settled into that half-waking awareness which occurs when you are trying to learn php while listening to some background telly, when, damn it all, BBC start going on about Strictly Come Dancing.

I was so annoyed that I missed closing a quotation and failed the test on php lesson six!

This is ridiculous when more coverage is given to a reality TV programme than to all the omitted news stories of the day. What about what was going on in Zimbabwe, how pirates are enjoying 3D plasma TVs in Somali, analysis of what we can learn from Brazil’s economic success?

No, none of that even appeared on either news channel, but we heard all about Strictly Come Dancing and its ratings war with X-Factor. Good grief, they even pushed the Pandas into a reduced slot, but then that was just Scottish news!

I suppose now, if I dare to switch on the telly, I’ll be bombarded with the winning moves of a couple of nonentity celebrities, I’ve never heard of, skipping around the ballroom with lovable Forsyth making an exhibition of himself in the background. Think I’ll look out of the window instead. Far more interesting watching the snow drip to the ground from the old birch tree.Looking out of the window at Loch Ness