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What is going on?

I’ve been a Sports subscriber since day one. I no longer get any live European matches, we no longer get all the premiership matches and the Match Choice is now in low definition. I do not recall having been offered any sort of discount because of these changes.

Yet another Sky Sports error. Who is getting paid for this stuff?In addition, as can be seen from the image, my recording of Watford v Tottenham is actually of Norwich v Aston Villa as shown by the strips and the score at top left. This is not the first time. The fact it is no longer HD either is infuriating. Does no one at Sky Sports watch their own stuff? Watching football in LD after having watched HD is just not good enough, especially when BT are now offering live premiership football in 4K!

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Is Andy Murray in the final, or is it just a dream?

After 74 years Britain has a tennis player in the men’s singles’ final. It is one of those horrible records which seem to go on forever. I remember a period when Spurs had not won at Liverpool for some 60 years. Once they did, it opened the floodgates and they have hardly lost there since.

But what pressure on Andy now? We all know that he can beat Roger Federer, but on Friday the man was simply incredible against Djokovic. I had been willing Federer to beat Djokovic as I though he would be the easier opponent if Andy did reach the final, but part way through the third set I realised the old saying that you should be careful what you wish for. Federer took Djokovic to pieces in his semi-final and suddenly I realised that he wasn’t the easy option by any means.

Whatever happens on Sunday, I’m sure the whole of Scotland will be rooting for him. Even the presenter who said on BBC that it was “a wonderful day for England” when Andy won, will have got over the tirade of criticism from Scots and be all for him in the final.

Go on Andy, do your best, the record you are now trying to beat is 78 years old – to win the Championship … and in shorts!