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Only Large Organisations Who Know Nothing of Small Businesses Could Do This!

I have just received a number of notification emails about website accounts governed by ICANN.

They have just decided, with no apparent consultation, to change the rules for top level domains. From 1st January 2014, anyone who registers, renews or alters the contact details linked to a domain name will receive an additional email. [No problem, there is already a huge amount of junk in my Outlook files.]

We’re told the mail will have “IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION” in the subject Continue reading

Unix Server Causing Problem With My Blog

I was puzzled why my blog was not getting picked up by search engines and why some people were getting “404 page not found” errors when they clicked on links in their subscriber emails.

The answer is that one of the widgets which deals with subscribers is sending out as the link to the blog because that is the name of the blog, but what it should be sending out is i.e. all lower case.

Most servers would ignore the difference. Unix servers do not.

Pleas for help are on the way to WordPress and JetPack. If they can’t help I really will have to remove everything and start all over again.

You have to love computers, don’t you?

Thanks to everyone for their help and patience.