I was watching a film the other day and the family sat around the dinner table. One of them said grace – “For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful”. This set me thinking about what these people were actually telling us about themselves or, at least, the one making the statement.

So many people say these things because they were raised to say them. Adults, people in positions of power, taught their subservient children by rote to say and do these things and, probably without really thinking it through, they automatically repeat them for the rest of their lives.  “Thank God” ~ “God bless you” ~ crossing themselves before a football match ~ “God help me” ~ “God be with you” ~ “Bless me” etc. Do they really think the creator of the universe is actually hearing these half-meant pathetic pronouncements?

This family on TV was offering thanks to an alien being (what else can you call a creature which we are supposed to fear and who can, on a whim, consign us to hell or destroy our world or give us life or death). They say we’re made in His image – don’t make me laugh!

Grace CartoonWorse still, they were thanking this thing, this deity, this God, this Lord for providing the food they were about to consume. Do they never ask why this alien deity should be thanked for putting the food on their plates, while the same alien deity is omitting to put the food on the tables of all the starving families, women and children in the world? Do these religious fanatics never really think about this nonsense?

What sort of MONSTER provides a never-ending stream of food to middle-class families in civilised countries, but provides little or none to families in Syria, Yemen and many countries in Africa? It really is an insult to common sense.

When you challenge these individuals they say they have faith, a feeling, a knowing that God is real. They have brainwashed themselves like the conspiracy theorists. There is no evidence for any of their beliefs, but it doesn’t matter… they just know.

However, if this thing is really responsible for providing the food, then every meal the wealthy in the world thank the MONSTER for, others are being starved by that same all-powerful being just for being where they live and having the misfortune of not being among the MONSTER’s chosen few. How just and fair is that? How Christian is it? It is, in fact, pure evil. No benevolent father-like figure could do this to his children. Or is that the sort of God they are happy to worship? Want to visit a real hell – try joining the starving, dying children in Africa!?

Of course, the truth is that there is no ‘Lord’ or ‘God’ or any other deity. It is all invented by mankind because they are afraid to face life without having some ‘father’ to act as a crutch. To love a being which behaves in such an arbitrarily obscene manner to most of His supposed children, is beyond comprehension. Total brainwashing. “Fear of God”? Yes, if there really was a God like that he should be feared for being worse than all of the tyrants who have ever lived on this planet combined.

The mystery for me, is how any intelligent person can believe such unadulterated nonsense, yet I know many of them and they are often clever, bright and apparently normal people. But I cannot understand why they have the arrogance to assume that an omnipotent being capable of creating the entire universe, the world and all creatures thereon, is watching over them personally and deciding that they should be rewarded with a meal, while starving other equally devoted people in other countries. It is a mystery to me how they can lack such common sense as to not see how ridiculous such ‘faith’ is.

Just as an aside to all of this, who the hell wants to be ruled and judged by some anonymous power-crazed creature which is so in love with itself that it insists on being worshipped?

It is an affront to the human race and they just can’t see it.

Tony Harmsworth