Complaint to LG, Currys, SkyQ and Panasonic

Open Letter To LG, Currys & SkyQ

The interrelationship and interactions of modern technology impacts the ordinary consumer and industries don’t care who suffers as long as it isn’t their bottom line. Particularly LG, Currys, Sky & Panasonic.

Letter to           Customer Relations Director LG

Customer Relations Director DGS Retail

Customer Relations Director SkyQ TV

Customer Relations Director Panasonic

This is a complex article and is based around our own personal experience. Please bear with me as I construct it in the most understandable way. If you don’t have time to read it now, don’t start. You’ll get lost in the complexity.

Timelime:        27th June 2017 new LG 55” OLED UHD 3D TV – LG55C6V

7th September – fault developed in LG TV.

4th October – set returned with new screen.

Between 31st July & 10th October new Sky Q software downloaded.

11th October – discovered 3D was not working.

25th October – LG engineer changed panel but 3D still not working.

3rd November – LG issued BER number POU1710187777/RNU171017029918

8th November – New Panasonic Vierra television ordered.

16th November – LG set returned.

19th November – Couldn’t get glasses to work.

22nd November – Couldn’t get Panasonic’s own glasses to work.

22nd November – discovered reason for the problem.

23rd November – screamed loudly, sat in despair, then started this.

When you are retired and having to live on a budget, it is important to think carefully before making a large purchase. Entertainment in our home is a great pleasure, particularly dramas, football (soccer) and films. We therefore decided we should invest in the best possible set for our needs.

We had been a 3D early-adopter with a great 40” LG 3D HD TV, but now wanted to add UHD to our entertainment.

After a huge amount of research, I chose the LG 55” Curved Screen OLED UHD 3D TV – LG55C6V which was expensive, very expensive – around £1,500 – three months’ pension. Currys told me it was the very latest model.

Our home is along a track leading off the A82 road, yet Currys turned up to deliver with a 3-ton truck. Our shared driveway is nearly half a mile long, so carrying was not an option.

So, I hired a van, cost £30 to get it home and paid a joiner to fit it to the existing wall bracket. Fine. Just annoyingly expensive. Out of pocket £30.

I must say that this television was the bees knees. The image is incredibly good and the passive 3D bright and vibrant. Blacks were incredible, sound good and easy to operate. We were VERY happy with it. It ticked every single box we had had.

In August, we went on holiday and left the house in the capable hands of our regular house-sitter. When we returned, the first night back the set developed a blue-line fault which completely disabled it. These things happen occasionally and we were unlucky.

I bought a 40” temporary replacement while we waited for Currys to come and collect it. They arrived, yet again in a 3-ton truck despite being told about our driveway.

I got on to Currys’ service and told them it needed to be a Transit van or similar and they came again the following Saturday – in the same 3-ton truck!

I spent time on the phone with them and said it had to be a small van. They said they didn’t have any small vans so I suggested I hire a van and take them up our driveway to get the set. They said that it was against Currys health and safety policy to allow any staff to be carried in a non-Currys vehicle. No compromise – just told me to get stuffed. Get it into the branch on my own or get lost, basically.

So, I hired a van £25 this time and the joiner £30 came up to remove it from the wall and I took it into the Inverness store. Now out of pocket by £85.

Two weeks later I had to collect it from the store – another £25 and another joiner fee to put it back on the wall. Now out of pocket £140.

I had asked Currys in Inverness to check the set was working perfectly before I collected it and they said they did so.

However, seven days later we tried the 3D for a film and found it didn’t work. A screen on the LG TV gave us an LG number to ring. So we rang that instead of KnowHow.

They were very helpful and said they’d send an engineer who came ten days later. They were also quite derogatory about Currys service. The Equinox engineer commissioned by LG, removed it from the wall at my risk and with my help, and installed a replacement panel, but the 3D still didn’t work.

He left and told me LG would be in touch.

LG then said the set was BER (Beyond Economic Repair).

I got on to Currys for a replacement and was told that they no longer stocked any LG 3D TVs and I was offered a Panasonic which had the active-3D system. Emails with LG told me LG no longer make 3D TVs.

So, a van hire to bring home the Panasonic and two joiner fees to get it on and off the wall and another van hire to take the LG back in – I am 69 and the set is too heavy for me to lift on my own. I should add that Currys refused to allow me to pick up the Panasonic and return the LG the same day so that I could save one van hire and one joiner fee. They wouldn’t trust me to return the set and told me they couldn’t have both of them out of the store at the same time! Such great customer service, I DON’T THINK. And we have bought two Macbooks and two TVs from them in the last six months and they couldn’t trust me for a few hours to save us money. Is this what has become of customer relations in 2017? Now £250 out of pocket.

I had to buy active-3D glasses from Amazon at £17 for two pairs. When they eventually arrived, I couldn’t get them to work and Panasonic told me they were not supported for the Viera TV. What I know now indicates to me that this might have been a deliberate lie.

I returned them and ordered the recommended Panasonic glasses from Amazon at a cost of £78 for two pairs. This made me £311 out of pocket.

When they arrived, now 21st November, I found they didn’t work either. Panasonic help desk had no solution and said ‘return them’ as faulty. Two pairs, properly boxed. Didn’t make sense and I was suspicious and went onto forums to see if I could find out what was going on.

The forum told me that SkyQ had downloaded new software during the summer and it meant that in order to watch 3D you had to change the picture settings in SkyQ from 2160 screen to 1080 screen. I did this and the 3D worked.

My first reaction was ‘why the hell didn’t the Panasonic help service know about this situation,’ but shortly afterwards, the horrific realisation dawned upon me. There had been nothing wrong with the LG 3D – it was the new SkyQ software which stopped the 3D working. Why didn’t LG and Panasonic and Currys engineers know this?

I have lost my beautiful, brilliant OLED curved screen set because incompetence somewhere in LG, Currys or SkyQ did not allow the information to be disseminated to make all parties aware.

So, we are now stuck with a set we didn’t want – the Panasonic.

You might say that we got what we wanted in the end, but that is not true: the Panasonic is only 50”, it is not OLED with the perfect blacks, it does not have a curved screen and the active-3D is pathetic compared with the LG passive 3D. I have a second-rate product despite all my care in selecting the original purchase.

To get the 3D to work I have to do the following EACH TIME:

  1. Go into SkyQ settings and change the signal rez from 2160 to 1080
  2. Go into the Panasonic and increase the backlight and picture settings to dynamic.
  3. Go into the 3D settings and change to the correct setting.
  4. Turn on heavier, powered glasses which use the flicker system
  5. Turn off the room light which flickers when using the active glasses
  6. Watch the 3D on a screen which doesn’t look bright and vibrant like the original LG.
  7. Change everything back afterwards.

The worst part of all is that my lovely LG set is now possibly scrapped and we’ve been denied the experience we took so long choosing.

When I took this up on Sky forums I was slagged-off for complaining about Sky issuing that software without ensuring manufacturer’s service departments knew about the effect on the 3D. Maybe it is the manufacturers fault for not disseminating the information but one thing IS certain: We are customers of LG, Currys, Sky and Panasonic and they have a duty of care towards us. The blame game between the four of them just lets us down even further.  They should all be ashamed that they have caused all this trouble and £311 in incidental costs to OAPs who had the misfortune of having to deal with them. LG are the biggest culprit as they had an engineer in the house (Equinox) who should have been aware of the SkyQ changes. Currys are equally culpable owing to their stupid H&S rules causing us all the extra costs. But Sky are also to blame for not passing on the nature of their changes … or did they? What about Panasonic – why didn’t their help desk know about the problem and why did they lie to us that the cheaper glasses couldn’t work, when other forums now tell me they work perfectly at a quarter of the price?

What is the answer to all this?

  • SkyQ need to think about the incidental effects of their software downloads which have resulted in these problems directly or indirectly.
  • LG & Panasonic need to set up a better communication system with SkyQ to prevent customers being hurt in this way.
  • Currys should be ashamed of themselves for not having any delivery or collection vehicles smaller than 3 ton lorries – particularly in the Highlands of Scotland. We have four neighbours who live on the same driveway and, therefore, have the same delivery problems from Currys.

What would put this right for us?

  • LG should arrange for our original model of 3D TV to be delivered to us to replace the Panasonic. There MUST be one model somewhere in the UK, even if they have stopped making them. Remember, Currys told us this was the very latest model when we bought it in June this year. LG and Currys have let us down and should put it right.
  • Currys should compensate us for the van hires and some of the joiner fees. Any normal person could have helped me get that set off and onto the wall – but you wouldn’t let any of your staff come to help. Great treatment of senior citizens – I don’t think!
  • Sky: If they didn’t provide the information on 3D being affected by the software download, then they should apologise to us and the manufacturers and think more carefully about such matters in the future. An ex-gratia compensation payment would not go amiss.

What do I expect? I expect my complaint to be either ignored or a barrage of ‘not our responsibility’ from these megabillion companies who, frankly, couldn’t care less about the customer.

I’ll report back with any responses.

PS1 I have just spent nearly an hour trying to talk to the Currys branch. The first time – 30 minutes and it was the Grimsby store. They misheard INVERNESS as being GRIMSBY. The second time, about twenty minutes and they said they’d emailed the store and it would call me back. It is truly like pulling teeth to get anywhere with Currys. Still no response trying to find out if they still have my non-faulty LG set sitting somewhere!