Microsoft is Careless, Couldn’t Care Less & Incompetent

This morning, for the umpteenth time, the volume icon had disappeared from the task bar. This happens regularly, but not regularly enough for you to remember how to correct it which then involves a search “volume icon disappeared from taskbar” which brings up about six different ways to correct it, half of which don’t work.

Anyway I opened Display, increased text size to 125%, the icon returned immediately and I then went back to 100%. Problem solved.

However, all you computer nerds at Microsoft, why don’t you stop it from going walkabout by putting a patch in the next compulsory update. Sometimes I think these MS pranksters deliberately try to screw with their customers and it is such things that have been making me think of switching to Apple. Sadly Apple machines are twice the price of Windows machines so I never follow through.

Wendy has a Surface Pro and it, too, drives us around the bend with its inconsistencies, particularly trying to use the touch pad without clicking.

Microsoft and their engineers need to wake themselves up or they will not be around in a decade. Something with mass appeal that does what you want it to and never does what you don’t want it to, will enter the market and drown them.

30th December 2016