The All-Forgiving Afterlife! The Cause Of So Many Ills.

Whenever I bring up religious belief as a cause of trouble in the world I find believers slap me down with statements that religious communities and congregations do wonderful things. What they say is correct, but atheists also do wonderful things so the point is irrelevant.

I have to ask this question – where was God on the 22nd March? God is supposed to hear everyone’s prayers and take a personal interest in all of us, yet, for some inexplicable reason, he ignored all of the prayers to stop this bloodshed and did not step in with a miracle to prevent the explosions. Let’s face it – stopping a bomb exploding is a pretty simple matter for an all-powerful, all-seeing being capable of creating galaxies and, indeed, the universe. The Islamic terrorists worship the same God, of course. They would say it is a more pure worship. There is no complication of Christ or the Holy Spirit. They believe in the one all-seeing, oft-merciful Allah who is indistinguishable from the God of the Bible. How much does God love his peoplesWas God not looking when they were making the bombs, discussing their strategies and planning their mayhem? How could that be? God sees all. In that case his decision to do nothing must be by choice. What a hateful creature this God must be to cause so much pain, suffering and distress to people he is supposed to love?

Evidence tells anyone with the ability to think logically, that any God which might have created the universe, could not possibly care about us as individuals. The irrational belief that he can be interested in us is born out of our own insecurity and fear of mortality.

For some reason an amazing number of intelligent thinking humans believe in ancient writings which are continuously being proven to be total rubbish. How can the whole world have been submerged in the flood – there is not enough water in the world to do it? That is just a single example of nonsense in both the Bible and the Koran.

It gets worse though. This God of love to which people pray is portrayed in both the Bible and Koran as a megalomaniacal murderer. He wiped out entire races to support the Jews. He murdered thousands of babies to make a point. He drowned thousands of Egyptians in the Red Sea when he parted the waters. He smote whole armies because they were against his chosen people. Why were they chosen anyway – thought we were all loved equally? How can believers reconcile their loving God with this monster? Did he change his mind suddenly and stop massacring the disbelievers or did people wake up to the fact that the stories were nonsense written down by priests in order to maintain power. Once people are able to understand history and learn about the world around them the stories of God’s interference in our battles and other world affairs suddenly cease.

The most insidious aspect to religion, however, is the promise of heaven and hell. Both were invented, of course. The former was created in order to comfort the dying and the bereaved. It could be justified in order to help them overcome grief by imagining their forebears in some sort of paradise, sitting at the side of God and watching the world beneath. Hell, of course, is far more evil in its invention. This was a deliberate ploy to force people to believe, or to pretend they believed. People could see the worry it gave their mothers and fathers that they were atheists and would be going to hell. Good grief, my own mother told me off when I called upon God to prove he existed by striking me down when I was in my teens. She told me I was tempting fate and would never get to heaven. It is blackmail and I could see straight through it. Hell is a weapon to force people to comply with what the religious authorities tell you to do and believe. You must go to church. You must pray before going to bed each night. You must be good or you’ll go to hell. You mustn’t lie or you’ll got to purgatory. What a mess of unadulterated nonsense!

Yet when we look around us, there are millions of people who still believe in a non-existent heaven and hell. They live in total fear of a God who is supposed to love them. What a loving God? He loves us so much he created the fiery pit of hell for those who do not love him back!

The belief in an afterlife is the cause of the current wave of terrorism. Suicide bombers can only carry out such an atrocity because they believe that they will then be sitting at God’s right hand in paradise. They truly believe it. Christians believe it, too, but an increasing number fail to worship their loving creator. In fact, why the hell would a loving God require to be worshipped? Think about it. Why would he want that? What is the point of it? Islam probably words it better by pointing out that we are all God’s slaves. Yeh, slavery, worshipping the master, doing what he wants by proxy through his chosen priests and vicars and imams. Who is kidding who? It is so blatantly blackmail yet so many people can’t see it as such because they have had it ingrained into them from childhood. Suffer the children to come unto me – oh yes – get them while they are still young and gullible enough to believe fairy stories of heaven and hell and miracles and salvation. Piece of cake once they’ve swallowed it. Very few will then leave the path because that takes initiative and thinking for oneself instead of listening to people chanting and reciting ancient texts and traditions.

Why do we need  an afterlife? Can you not understand that having no cognisance of our existence after we have died is no worse than having none before we were born? Just try thinking about it instead of listening to all of the garbage spouted by the church.

Miracles. What about miracles? Having been involved at Loch Ness, I have seen how thousands of ordinary, intelligent individuals have believed they have seen things on the loch. When you start to delve deeper into their sightings you discover they were fooled by natural phenomena. There are always those who won’t accept it – but the animal was moving against the wind – in such a case it is caused by underwater waves in the thermocline which are no known to move surface objects against the wind. There are always explanations and exactly the same applies to religious phenomena. A Mormon lad is acclaimed to have been miraculously protected because he was at the bomb blasts in Boston, Paris and Brussels. Why is that miraculous? It is no more miraculous than the fact I wasn’t in Boston, Paris or Brussels! It doesn’t mean God saved me.

There will always be stories of people who have miraculously avoided death, been cured of incurable diseases and had prayers answered, but the nonsense of such beliefs is clearly demonstrated by the number of people who have called on God to save them, called on God to cure them and prayed for all they are worth for something to transpire and still died, or seen their prayers ignored. The excuse of the gullible believers is that God moves in mysterious ways and we should not try to understand his methods. Why believe God helped x but not y? All this business about it being part of some great plan is just self-delusion.

The evil of belief in deities, miracles and afterlives is exactly from where the Islamic terrorists recruit their suicide bombers. Imagine being given the task of walking into an airport with a suitcase full of high explosives and detonating it in the busiest area you can find.

Put yourself in that person’s mind. He is carrying out this task because he has been told it is God’s will and that when he dies he will go to paradise and live in happiness forever. He also knows that the infidels he kills will also meet their God who will give them “a great torment” for not being believers in Islamic monotheism. If there are good people among them or other Muslims, they will be saved by God and put in paradise because he is all-seeing and most merciful. The fact that they all die is immaterial because they, too, will now be in paradise. What a wonderful con? It is magnificent in its conception. They haven’t hurt anyone except those who don’t believe and it is all right to hurt them. Anyone who believed will be saved in paradise.

This whole crazy scenario is based entirely on a nonsensical belief in the afterlife of which the Koran and Bible teach. Why would anyone believe in this ridiculous fairy tale? Religious texts are nothing more nor less than drivel spouted by ancient men who thought religion would give them control over others. The stories are invented. There is no basis in fact. Yes there are odd sketchy truths upon which elaborate tales have been based. 

The stories are swallowed by the gullible because if you mix the truth into your stories some of the time, they will be tempted to believe everything you tell them all of the time. Extraordinarily, when you finally eke away at the religious dogma and prove x is false, y is false and z is false, these blinkered believers will not accept it or find a way to absorb it within a variation of the original stories. There are many examples – Earth centre of the universe, sun revolves around the earth, a biblical flood which could not occur because there is not enough water in the world to cause it. Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense. Over and over and over again.

If lies like this were from someone scamming them on the phone they might fall for it the first time, scammers are very clever orators. The second time they’d be suspicious, but how can people be so stupid as to see, time after time, religious beliefs being demonstrated as being nonsense yet still they go on to adjust, adapt and swallow the next scam.

A God which wipes out entire peoples with plagues! A God which allows religious teachings to cause innocent people to be burned at the stake, stoned to death or whipped to within an inch of their lives for being no more than a victim of someone else’s crime – raped women etc. A God which destroys thousands of children to make a point. A God which wipes out entire nations because he didn’t like them. A God which chooses one race of people over another and murders the others. A God which allows four apostles to write totally conflicting accounts of the life of his own son. Come on people – how much more ridiculous does it have to get before you wake up to some common sense? God loves you? Nice guy? Megalomaniac monster more like! Thank God that God doesn’t exist!

This God, if he did exist, deserves not one iota of respect, but does deserve to be hated for the way he has played with the people he is supposed to have loved. I almost wish I could meet this imaginary being so that I could give him a piece of my mind. Love him? I’d smash him in the face!

The sooner people stop believing in heaven and paradise the sooner the suicide bombers will stop blowing themselves up in the sure and certain knowledge of their afterlife.

Grow up world. It is all a demonstration of gullible people being conned by clever bishops, imams and other religious leaders who will lie and fool you over and over again.

Just watch your local priest wandering around raising a finger and waving it in the air, calling upon the holy trinity to summon the attention of the creator of the universe to his ridiculous chanting and that of his congregation.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so incredibly stupid!

Tony Harmsworth, 25th March 2016