Islamic Terrorism? Christian Fundamentalism? The Difference Is Just A Couple of Centuries!

Are you able to put aside your beliefs for fifteen minutes? Sadly those who really should be reading this are so indoctrinated that they will probably not.

Human beings have an enormous capacity for love, generosity and compassion, yet those who feel compelled to incorporate that into an organised sanctimonious and convoluted worship of a God who threatens punishment if they misjudge their application of free will, are increasingly adding credence to those who use that very devotion as the foundation for the development of fanaticism and terrorism. Some use the belief in a higher power to convince themselves they should do good works, but others distort those same beliefs to persuade themselves that the same deity requires them to kill and murder to carry out His mysterious plan. What is tragic is that one group don’t seem to realise that their continued conviction in an invented god reinforces the other group’s certainty that their twisted interpretation is justified. Everyone believes in God so God must be great! It is a simple logic.

As our news channels bombard us with stories of beheading, beach massacres and slaughter in mosques, does no one wonder why these individuals are prepared to give up their lives to create such misery and despair within the lives of others?

Warning: picture of dead body below.

Young men and women shot on a beach in Tunisia purely because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Their one and only life ended in a completely pointless and unjustifiable manner, yet we’ll soon be seeing the funerals in Gothic edifices created for devotion to a British version of the same non-existent being their killer worshipped. Both were invented by past individuals who used their imagination to try to explain some of the nature of the universe and natural world.

Tunisian gunman lies dead in the street. A fate too good for him.That madman, for there is no other description worthy of him, who killed forty holidaymakers enjoying their hard-earned relaxation, did that because he believed he was serving this all powerful creator.

As he began pulling the trigger there was little going through his mind except that he was punishing disbelievers in his personal fantasy of religion, purely because they either believed in no god at all or in a different version of a similarly invented deity. In the instant, moments or minutes as his own death approached he will have been praising and praying to the same mythical creature and expecting to be resurrected in paradise with his numerous virgin brides as a reward. A perverted dividend of eternal life given in return for the torment his actions have caused to the survivors and relatives of the dead.

This undoubtedly brainwashed or insane individual created as near to hell on earth as was possible in order to obtain his guarantee of heaven  – when in fact, of course, he simply entered blackness. Those he killed and he himself ceased to exist. He’d robbed not just his victims, but also himself of any future. All he achieved was to drag himself and those he killed into a premature oblivion.

All of the mumbo-jumbo which will be carried out in the name of the British version of God in the funeral and memorial services which are soon to come and appear on our TVs, has no purpose other than to make believers in the congregation feel better about their loss. Their murdered friends and relatives are perceived to be sitting on some cloud, somewhere in the universe, smiling down and keeping watch on the futures of those who they left behind. This may be a very laudable and comforting vision at first glance, but all it does is perpetuate the ridiculous notion of an afterlife and heavenly existence. It was that very belief which created all of this death and heartache in the first place!

Not only that, but the irrationally promoted faith that their dead friends and relatives are ‘in a better place’ actually reduces the seriousness of what has transpired. There is no evidence whatsoever for a ‘better place’. The people are gone forever. They ceased to exist the moment their brains shut down. They are no longer aware of the world they have left any more than they were cognisant of it before they were conceived. Why humans are convinced there is some ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ which perpetuates after death is the greatest mystery of our fascinating psyche. These poor people have been robbed of their only opportunity to exist. They are not passing into some greater ethereal existence. They are dead and gone.

Why should anything continue beyond life? The belief in such a continuance is based entirely on kindly ideas of an afterlife invented millennia ago to comfort those left behind. Gradually it found its way into religious writings and the belief in it is exactly what is causing the terrorism of today.

[I fear irrational unsubstantiated examples of ‘proof’ during near-death experiences being used by some readers to counter the evidence in their own minds, but they are clearly imaginings so please don’t use them to try to refute logical, evidence-based argument. Visions are just that – the meandering of a physically troubled brain, under the influence of drugs or other external influences, trying to understand what is taking place around it as it dies or suffers near-death trauma. Other explanations are clearly unscientific and based on wishful thinking.]

I am sure the ancients who dreamt up the concept of God who punishes wrong-doers and lifts the do-gooders to heaven did so to ease the pain and suffering of bereavement; or to explain how the earth came into being; or to provide a reason for crops failing or succeeding. The problem is that it grew. They developed their fantastic ideas so that there became an entire heaven and hell, an all powerful god and devil. Visions generated, accidentally or deliberately, from eating hallucinogenic materials ended up as believable stories of angels and conversations with the almighty.

[Try some cannabis or magic mushrooms if you don’t believe your brain can invent visions.]

The growth of this ‘religion’ became increasingly powerful and the priest class began to realise that some of that power was rubbing off upon them. Before you know it you have the general population keeping these ministers of the invented God in luxury (some religions) or, at least, fed, housed and watered. Unfortunately they were the most educated of the people and it soon became clear that to denounce what they had done would be dangerous to them and possibly dangerous to the people they were deluding with their fantastic stories and retelling of miracles never corroborated by anyone who was actually there. In fact any corroboration would have arisen from associates who were also “in on the con”. There is quite a famous group of eleven conspirators who all supported each other’s fantasies and, amazingly, they are believed despite the numerous and obvious inconsistencies in their various testimonies.

Because the predecessor creators of religion thought they were far too clever to be out-thought by the ignorant populace, they started to build a whole structure of the world, sun, solar system and stars and that was when they began to realise they’d exceeded their capabilities and knowledge. Their invention of creation and interpretation of nature began to break down under scientific scrutiny. How that must have scared them. At first they denied it all, insisting they were right but “it did still move”. Then they discovered that they could adopt each new scientific theory, distorting their own fiction to match the latest findings and sell that anew to the gullible masses. The Catholic church was particularly adept at that practice of scientific appeasement for centuries, caving in to each new scientific discovery and demonstrating how it all fits in with what they thought in the first place! Could anyone be so stupid as to believe their corrupt reinvention of creation? Yes, all the people who believe in the God of religion today and bow down to it each evening or Holy day!

We have passed through the period when Christians murdered harmless women as witches and slaughtered men for disagreeing with their perverted science of the universe, but there are still plenty of Christian fanatics. The haters of homosexuals, the deniers of evolution, those who still believe the world is only a few thousand years old. Good grief – one of those idiots is actually hoping to become the president of the United States! Our own ex-prime minister Blair truly believes that he eats the body and drinks the blood of Christ magically transformed from bread discs and wine by a Potter-like class of wizards in long gowns and silly hats providing weekly Mass! Can anyone who has read this far not see how ridiculous that is?

Islamic fanatics are occupying a medieval era the Christians inhabited and ruled three hundred years ago. The group known as ISIL are taking enormous satisfaction from the murder, rape and imprisonment of innocent people. Have they not read the Koran at all? It teaches to respect other peoples and their cultures, not wipe them off the face of the earth.

But the Christians are no better sending armies into Islamic countries and, at the cost of a few hundreds of their own personnel, leave those countries with millions of dead after their actions are looked back upon in the fullness of time. Has anything been achieved anywhere by these actions of Christian countries with overwhelming military power?


When will the world wake up to the fact that each person has one life and when that life ends it is gone forever? There are no heavenly afterlives – that was all the invention of those ancients, many of whom were so tied up in the convoluted lie they had created, with all good intentions (initially), that they even came to believe it themselves.

Are you going to pray to eyeballs in the sky tonight? Are you going to convince yourself that the creator of the universe is listening to you when you get to your knees on Sunday? Do you believe He will hear what you say and watch over you in the future?

If so, aren’t you amazingly fortunate that He’ll listen to you and keep you safe? For some reason, this merciful almighty was not watching over the poor people who were killed on that beach; or the millions killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria; and the victims of the gas chambers of Nazi Germany; and those blown to smithereens by the IRA; and the victims of the British slave trade; and the innocent mistakes sent to gallows in the UK and USA over the centuries and how about Biafra, Rwanda and Cambodia?

Come on people. Grow up. Get rid of the poisonous crutch which is religion and live the one life you have to make the world a better place. You can do that without being part of a mystical group of believers in nonsense. Do it because you want to. Do it because it is right.

Throw off the insidious shackles of religion and see life for what it is, something precious which we should all respect for as long as we have it.