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Save A Whopping 29% Off My Print Books

LuLu are giving 29% off my print books until midnight on 2nd March. Go to the following link to see the selection and use NOLEAP as the promotional code when checking out. It only applies to print books, not the eBooks. Loch Ness Understood is the latest version of my Loch Ness book.

More Proof Of God’s Non-Existence

Murdered atheist bloggerThis is what happens when religion becomes so important that the life of others no longer matters.

Read this Guardian article.

The non-existence of god and the stupidity of religion is demonstrated by acts such as this.

Can anyone tell me what the great nonentity taught mankind by allowing this, for, if he truly exists, it happened under his all seeing eyes and was therefore preventable? If it wasn’t preventable please explain why not.

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