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Where Was God?

The accident in Glasgow is tragic. All of those people killed and injured when they were out enjoying life, shopping and preparing for Christmas.

And in Pakistan, one hundred and forty innocent children murdered by the Taliban while they sat exams for which they had been working all year.

Both of these events are extremely sad. One the most awful accident and the other a despicable act of callous violence by a group of religious fanatics.

I can’t do anything to ease the suffering of the families of either group of victims and it does make you feel truly helpless.

CandlesWhat I find difficult to understand is all the placing of flowers, the religious services, the lighting of candles and all of the other paraphernalia which accompanied both of these events. Just stop and think what was going on for a moment.

Is God supposed to be pleased at seeing these candles, is it an offering to bring the people back – we know that doesn’t work or is it a way of showing you care – showing who? Would it happen if there was no media there? Why not leave flowers at the entrances of hospitals for people who die in there? It is growing into a huge outpouring of grief which would be far better directed at a charity by donation. What a waste of money? Who is it meant to be impressing? Certainly not the indifferent supreme being. Do people think the dead are sitting watching from some cloud in heaven admiring the expression of love? No evidence for that.

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Belief In Nonentity Deities Is the Cause Of All Of This!

The tragedy in Pakistan demonstrates what happens when people believe in mythical gods and think they have an afterlife when this one ends.

It is, of course, pure fantasy. Those kids are dead and gone forever. The idiot Taliban have taken away the most precious commodity in the universe – an individual’s life. They have done it because of their belief in religious nonsense.

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