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David Cameron – Stop Trying To Win Points Thrashing Out at Putin. It Does You And The British People No Credit Whatsoever! NOT IN MY NAME, Cameron!

I cannot believe the reckless rhetoric coming out of Cameron’s mouth which now seems to be catching on in the rest of Europe. How dare David Cameron call for a deliberate penalising of individual Russians and their businesses and, thereby, our businesses which do business with them, on an unproven point of principle.

Let’s just go back to the United States of America shooting down Iran Flight 655 over the gulf. There was no apology from America and I don’t recall any sanctions being applied to Mr Reagan and his cohorts and friends in industry. Yet this wasn’t some rag, tag and bobtail group of separatists supported by the USA which murdered those 300 people in that airliner in 1988. It was the actual United States of America and its government and military which shot down that jet. They got away with it and gave a piddling $70 million dollars in compensation. No sanctions, no United Nations condemnation, not even any criticism from Britain or Europe that I can remember.

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Pot Calling The Kettle Black. International Aviation Is The Real Culprit.

No one can deny the most awful tragedy of the Malaysian plane being shut down, but it is fascinating to watch the rhetoric which is now arising.

America shot down Iran Flight 655 full of 290 passengers in 1988. It wasn’t a rebel  group being supported by America which shot it down, it wasn’t even the ‘can do no wrong’ Israeli regime which shot it down, it was the actual American navy with all of the world’s most sophisticated equipment on board. There was never so much as a formal apology, Mr Obama, yet it was clearly an American mistake. A quick $72,000,000 was the easy way out for a country which believes the God Almighty Dollar is the answer to everything and can buy everything and anything.

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God Concedes More Immutable Rules – Where Will It End?

So female bishops are finally approved in the Church of England.

Once again the powers that be (human, of course, no deity involved in this nonsense) change something which we’ve been told was the will of God.

Of course it wasn’t God’s will because there is no evidence that this invented nonentity never said or did anything ever.

All the nonsensical rules and traditions have always been concocted and introduced by men wanting to exert power and not caring what they did to hold on to that power. That’s why they are so stupid and inconsistent.

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More God Nonsense Projected For Change

I see Dr Carey is now for assisted suicide.

Once again the religious begin to plan changes to rules always supposed to have been passed down by God on high and they eventually become the new norm and believers soon forget that the rules were changed by man.

Of course, if these changes didn’t take place then these same sheep-like do-gooders would still be burning innocent women as witches.

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