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Sorry, Your Insurance Does Not Cover That Damage!

Floods in the south of EnglandThose from outside the UK might not appreciate the flooding problems which have been affecting the south of England.

The Prime Minister is currently talking to insurance companies about how they can help get peoples’ lives back to normal as soon as possible. However, already, flood victims are finding that the insurance policies for which¬†they have¬†paid for years have the most extraordinary exclusions.

One which came to light Continue reading

What More Will These Parasitic Banks Do To Hurt Their Customers?

I read an interesting article at the end of January 2014 in the most dreadful rag, the Daily Mail, which you can find here: The audacity of banks never ceases to amaze.

After reading it I thought back to a sum I drew out of the Bank of Scotland in Drumnadrochit. If the bank behaved like a real bank and still had a bureau de change I wouldn’t have had to have drawn it out in sterling first, but they don’t they dropped the bureau de change as it wasn’t profitable enough – sod the customers! Continue reading