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Only Large Organisations Who Know Nothing of Small Businesses Could Do This!

I have just received a number of notification emails about website accounts governed by ICANN.

They have just decided, with no apparent consultation, to change the rules for top level domains. From 1st January 2014, anyone who registers, renews or alters the contact details linked to a domain name will receive an additional email. [No problem, there is already a huge amount of junk in my Outlook files.]

We’re told the mail will have “IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION” in the subject Continue reading

Halifax Bank of Scotland Pisses Off Access Saver Customers

The Bank of Scotland just wrote to us and, interestingly the writer was a Mr Chris Money – talk about putting someone into a job that is going to put everyone’s backs up with a name like that! Mr Money at Halifax Bank of Scotland, part of the Lloyds Banking groupI wonder if it is a fictitious name just for cosmetic purposes, but, if so, it could have been better chosen.

We have an Access Saver Account into which we deposit a monthly sum to cover all the cats’ injections and any illnesses etc. We started it a couple of years ago when Tesco suddenly increased the price of all their pet insurances. Paying into our own pet insurance fund meant that everything would be covered. They don’t tell you the most common cost, pet dentistry, is not covered in pet insurance and you always have to pay the first fifty pounds or so and no annual MOT or injections are covered either. Anyway, with five cats we put £20 a month each into this Access Saver Account and it has built up to just over £2,000 so could now cover quite serious problems if they arose.

So why did the bank write to us? Continue reading

Dutch Fossil Vandals Destroy the Fossil Record

On 7th January I was watching BBC1’s One Show and they showed us a palaeontologist on a trawler dredging for fossils in the North Sea. On board, a One Show correspondent was marvelling at the finds as they were tipped out of a net. A mammoth bone here, a woolly rhino bone there, the tooth of another extinct mammal.

However, what I take issue with is the way the programme showed this item as if it were the most exciting thing since sliced bread, and being the proud owner of a breadmaker now, I can appreciate that invention better than most!

Let’s just think about what these archaeological vandals and the One Show’s excited and enthusiastic participants were actually doing. Continue reading