Espaco Funchal Restaurant in Rua da Carreira – Madeira – brilliant

We had already eaten in this restaurant for lunch on 11th May 2012 and returned on 15th to try it out for an evening meal. Images taken during the lunchtime visit.

The evening was perfect from beginning to end. The host is an amazing guy who is utterly charming. There were some six or seven tables outside, but as more people came along he just added more tables across the street and up the street, too. Couldn’t extend down the street owing to another restaurant in that direction, rather devoid of customers.Wendy at Espaco at lunchtime on 11th

Wendy had Avocado with Madeira wine as a starter which arrived with a wee pool of Madeira in the space vacated by the stone. There was a tiny, beautifully arranged salad on the plate too. My starter was melon with ham which was also good, but did not have quite the visual impact of Wendy’s.

We both decided to go for the traditional Madeiran skewers for main course. Wendy’s was chicken and pineapple and mine mixed meats which included beef, chicken and pork. Firstly a contraption is attached to the side of the table so that these huge skewers can hang from it allowing you to take your meat (or fish if a fish version) as required. Very impressive.

I was a bit concerned about the beef as it seemed a bit tough when cutting into it, but once it was cut it just melted in the mouth. As good as a Highland fillet steak any day. The whole came with salad and French fries.

Tony at Espaco at lunchtime on 11thTo be honest, after the main course I was stuffed, but old hollow-legs opposite me then took on crepe with fruits of the forest and ice cream while I sat and watched drinking a rather nice Lello wine.

We began talking to the couple alongside who had been coming to Madeira since they bought a time-share in the eighties. They’d never eaten in this restaurant before and were much impressed. On the other side was a farmer and his wife from near Nottingham.

So great company, great food, great banter from the host, lovely location. Perfect evening. Will be back before the vacation ends.