Nessie – the Very Latest Loch Ness Monster Picture

The Deppe-Wemdell Loch Ness Monster Picture - 2011Here we have the Deppe-Armstead photograph.

Wendell Armstead describes: “My mom and I were on a tour bus heading toward Urchart Castle when mom just took a picture of the scenery, and when we got it developed never noticed it, but I was going through my pictures and just noticed it.”

In a second email he said, “When Mom and I were in Inverness Scotland, we were doing a tour of Loch Ness, on a tour bus going along the shore towards like Drummadrocit or Urchart Castle and mom was trying to get a picture out the window of the bus, but the trees were in her way, so I was looking for a opening in the trees as she held her camera to her face, and I said ‘now mom’, and this is the photo we got.  Anyone who wants to laugh, go ahead, but tell me it aint nessy.”

The Deppe-Wemdell Loch Ness Monster Picture - 2011Wendell Armstead sent the photograph to me as he wanted a second opinion. It is not possible to show a full size image on this blog, but I have selected a section of the image and show it full size on the right.

When looking at the full frame (top left image) there is a mark between the two trees. This mark does not appear on Elma Deppe’s original. It must have been introduced by me accidentally in Photoshop when I was reducing the image size.

Wendell sent the picture to a number of his friends and relations and my email address happened to be copied in. I like one of his friend’s comments, “Oh Wendell, that’s just your reflection off the glass. I can see the resemblance though.” Actually look carefully and you can see two people reflected in the glass. Not many people get the monster to pose with them for a photograph!

I am afraid that Elma actually photographed a boat and although it doesn’t have a lot of shape at that range this is almost certainly the answer. By “almost certainly” I mean 99.9999999999999999999999999%,

This analysis is supported by the fact that they did not see the monster at the time, despite looking through the trees for sometime trying to get the picture. This is only to be expected because why should you remember the small cabin cruiser half way across the loch?

Loch Ness - the research vessel Deepscan emerges from mist as it crosses the loch - June 2011We live overlooking the loch and so see the same effect many times when there is mist on the loch. I looked back through my files, but couldn’t find a good example in my own pictures because normally, if there is a boat I will actually not take a picture. On one occasion I did and it can be seen on the left.

What you are seeing here is the Loch Ness Project research vessel ‘Deepscan’ making a traverse of the loch beneath our house. Obviously it is far closer to the shore than the Deppe-Armstead object so you can see more detail of the boat itself. If, however, you reduce the size of the frame of this picture progressively, you eventually have an almost identical image to that Elma photographed.

The key to this picture is that it was an everyday object and that is why it did not seem remarkable at the time it was photographed. When the picture had been developed it was suddenly an unidentifiable object emerging from the mist. If it had been taken at any other loch it would have been ignored. Because it was taken at Loch Ness … it must be Nessie.

Sorry, Wendell, but thanks to images like yours it helps commentators like myself build up a better knowledge of the causes of mistakes. That is a very important part of the learning process.

The picture is copyright 2011 Elma Deppe and must not be reproduced without permission. Anyone wishing to obtain a copy can reply to this article and I’ll put them directly in touch with Wendell.

The moral to this story is that the next time you are at Loch Ness, Wendell, you should take an Inverness Day Tours exclusive tour. We’d have stopped to let you get the very best of images, without reflections in the windows. LOL. See Inverness Day Tours