Weapons Of Individual Destruction

I was saddened to read of the mentally disturbed soldier who entered his USA barracks with an illegal weapon, killed three other individuals, wounded many more and turned his weapon upon himself.

Someone failed in their duty of care for this person for he’d actually arrived at the barracks to receive treatment for possible depression and post traumatic stress disorder. He should not have been allowed to come into possession of a weapon and if he had been prevented from so doing then four people would still be alive today.

Who failed in their duty of care to this individual? Not the gun shop owner – not the military – not the medical and psychiatric personal. The people who failed in their duty of care to this man and those he killed is Continue reading

Interesting To Watch A Bully Intimidating Friends Of Friends – Crimea

I, like most others in the world, am watching the Crimea situation with interest, but people of my age remember Crimea being part of Russia when we were kids and Kruschev gave it away – without asking anyone, but only from one part of the Soviet Union to another. He would have had no concept of the break up of the USSR which would follow twenty years later.

There was also an agreement in place for Russia to use the Crimea for military purposes.

Suddenly Ukraine ends up in turmoil through corrupt and incompetent leaders and Russia became afraid of losing its bases owing to the Ukraine’s increasingly western leanings. Continue reading

Scottish Residents Need To Wake Up

The political situation in the UK is deeply worrying.

Currently the backlash against the Liberal Democrats for getting into bed with the Conservatives seems to have damaged them beyond immediate repair. At the next UK general election, not only will they not be able to seize power themselves, but the number of members of parliament they are likely to return means that there is little chance of them retaining the balance of power. The coalition will end. Continue reading

Sorry, Your Insurance Does Not Cover That Damage!

Floods in the south of EnglandThose from outside the UK might not appreciate the flooding problems which have been affecting the south of England.

The Prime Minister is currently talking to insurance companies about how they can help get peoples’ lives back to normal as soon as possible. However, already, flood victims are finding that the insurance policies for which they have paid for years have the most extraordinary exclusions.

One which came to light Continue reading

What More Will These Parasitic Banks Do To Hurt Their Customers?

I read an interesting article at the end of January 2014 in the most dreadful rag, the Daily Mail, which you can find here: The audacity of banks never ceases to amaze.

After reading it I thought back to a sum I drew out of the Bank of Scotland in Drumnadrochit. If the bank behaved like a real bank and still had a bureau de change I wouldn’t have had to have drawn it out in sterling first, but they don’t they dropped the bureau de change as it wasn’t profitable enough – sod the customers! Continue reading

Only Large Organisations Who Know Nothing of Small Businesses Could Do This!

I have just received a number of notification emails about website accounts governed by ICANN.

They have just decided, with no apparent consultation, to change the rules for top level domains. From 1st January 2014, anyone who registers, renews or alters the contact details linked to a domain name will receive an additional email. [No problem, there is already a huge amount of junk in my Outlook files.]

We’re told the mail will have “IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION” in the subject Continue reading

Halifax Bank of Scotland Pisses Off Access Saver Customers

The Bank of Scotland just wrote to us and, interestingly the writer was a Mr Chris Money – talk about putting someone into a job that is going to put everyone’s backs up with a name like that! Mr Money at Halifax Bank of Scotland, part of the Lloyds Banking groupI wonder if it is a fictitious name just for cosmetic purposes, but, if so, it could have been better chosen.

We have an Access Saver Account into which we deposit a monthly sum to cover all the cats’ injections and any illnesses etc. We started it a couple of years ago when Tesco suddenly increased the price of all their pet insurances. Paying into our own pet insurance fund meant that everything would be covered. They don’t tell you the most common cost, pet dentistry, is not covered in pet insurance and you always have to pay the first fifty pounds or so and no annual MOT or injections are covered either. Anyway, with five cats we put £20 a month each into this Access Saver Account and it has built up to just over £2,000 so could now cover quite serious problems if they arose.

So why did the bank write to us? Continue reading