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There is no such thing as an Official Loch Ness Monster Website and those who claim that they are "official" are as fraudulent as the people who have faked Loch Ness Monster evidence. If you want an unbiased view of the facts - this is the site to read. Loch Ness Monster Evidence Website. View Loch Ness Pictures, Underwater Pictures, Sonar Contacts and contemplate the Candidates. Also see our sister site Loch-Ness.org
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LOCH NESS, NESSIE AND ME - read by author and webmaster, Tony Harmsworth

My hope is that you will buy my book. The copyrights alone have cost a lot and the only way I can recover income for my work in writing the book and the cost of production is if the book is sold.

I am reading the book here for those who cannot afford to buy the book. If you can afford to buy it then please do so, especially if you find it interesting and enjoyable.


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