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Second Life Virtual Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness Simulation. Created by Scots, for Scots Exiles, Scots Descendents and lovers of Scotland

Fort Augustus Abbey in Second Life


As a major new venture, we have developed an exciting region within Second Life called the VIRTUAL SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS.

Within it we have created a simulated Loch Ness, surrounded by croft houses and other attractions including a fully detailed Loch Ness Exhibition, a complete Story of Scotland Exhibition and, after months of work, a fully working on-line version of Nessie Hunt which you can play free and win thousands of in-world dollars to spend on clothes, games, jewellery and in-world property.Virtual Scottish Highlands

If Second Life is new to you, it is the most exciting networking site you will ever find. Think of the Sims game and then replace the computer simulated characters with REAL people. Everyone in Second Life is a real person (with one or two bot exceptions) from all walks of life.Character Avatars in Scotland, Loch Ness The picture below shows a number of avatars, real people, in their Second Life forms. Gerald Wylie is on the left, that's me.

When you join Second Life, which is completely free of charge, you choose an in-world name and avatar (simulated person). After a short session training where you learn how to move, change your appearance, put on or change clothes, buy things, fly ... yes fly, etc. you move into the main simulated world which often has close to 100,000 people in-world at any one time. Come and find me in-world and we can have a real time chat!

Within this simulated world thousands of people have created their own environments for others to share. Our VIRTUAL SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS is very realistic and is meant to give you a real feel for the country, but some areas are more fanciful. Others are pure fantasy and some areas are private, owned by large companies or political organisations etc.Loch Ness Exhibition in Second Life

As may be expected, sex and violence has crept into this world, but despite some bad press a few months ago, you will encounter sex and violence in Second Life no more than you encounter it on the Internet. Frankly, if you want it you will find it, but it would be so wrong to avoid all the good things Second Life has to offer just because of some bad areas. Linden Labs, the owners of Second Life, police the environment well and most places, like most Internet sites, have nothing to do with it yet they all seem to get tarred with the same brush. Don't be put off by journalists who try to find the worst in anything new and then sensationalise it. Our own VIRTUAL SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS is very carefully monitored which means you are 100% safe within it.

The famous faked flipper picture in the Second Life exhibition.Our Second Life Loch Ness Exhibition (interior shot on left and above) gives you the opportunity to browse the evidence at your leisure in a realistic environment. There are no opening or closing times to restrict you. You can see parts of it today and come back the next day, week or month. It is free and as accurately produced as possible. Each exhibition panel has a Notecard which goes with it to explain in more detail what you are seeing and to help you understand some of the concepts the expeditions had and some of their successes and failings.Sonar exppeditions made clear.

All of the famous photographs are included in the exhibit including some that are very controversial. They have been dealt with frankly on the principle of fair criticism.

Our other major Second Life Exhibition is the Story of Scotland. Part of the prehistoric section can be seen below. This takes you from the beginnings of mankind arriving in our country right through to the present day and includes stunning photographs. Again, like the Nessie exhibit, you can take your time, it is free, there is no one to hustle you and it never closes.

Story of Scotland Exhibition in Second LifeJoining Second Life couldn't be simpler and its FREE! But when you join, if you say you were recommended by my in-world character "Gerald Wylie" then, when you come to see our VIRTUAL SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, you can ask for a free NESSIE HUNT tee-shirt and fashion jeans for your avatar to wear! To find me in-world, click on this link.

Why not go along and join now. Just click this Second Life Website link ... and remember "Gerald Wylie" recommended you. That way we get $1 towards our costs. It all adds up.

If you'd like to own a slice of the Virtual Scottish Highlands then visit the Stock Exchange and see if there are any shares up for sale - mind you, they are as rare as hen's teeth normally.

We look forward to seeing you in-world.

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